urlBot.png, 6.7kB urlBot.png, 6.7kBDuring the 1950’s and 60’s, the British government conducted nuclear tests at Maralinga, in South Australia. Over the course of eight years, a total of seven major tests were carried out, as well as more than 500 smaller trials. These tests exposed both the servicemen stationed at Maralinga and the local Aboriginal inhabitants to unhealthy levels of radiation, as well as contaminating the sites with radioactive materials, some of which will remain active for hundreds of thousands of years.

In 1993 the British Government paid the Australian Government the sum of twenty million Pounds Sterling as a compensation fund for the clean up of the nuclear testing sites. While this amount was paid for the clean up, there are thousands of Australians who have suffered as a result of the British nuclear testing and not received a cent in compensation.

Following a landmark ruling in the British courts, British ex-servicemen and their widows won the right to take the UK Ministry of Defence to court in a class action suit. A group of Australian veterans, led by the Australian Nuclear Veterans Association, will join in the suit, represented by a legal team headed by Tom Goudkamp of Sydney-based law firm Stacks/Goudkamp.

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness within the Australian community about the catastrophic nuclear tests that took place on our soil and had devastating effects on the lives of thousands of our servicemen, civilians and indigenous Australians.

It is also to provide an opportunity for us to show our support for these victims by lobbying the Australian government to accept responsibility for the actions of the past.

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